Make Your Own Baby Food

There are many things I have decided to do differently with baby #3 than I did with my older two. Most of the things on this “different” list are things I wished I had done before, but lacked the time or the confidence, or in some cases both. Seeing as how there is a slight gap of  ahem, 7 years between my middle child and my baby, I have had quite a bit of time to work through my quirks.

One of  the things I wished I had done before was make my own baby food. I was not quite sure how much work would be involved, if Liam would even like the food, but I decided to give it the old college try! I did my research and came up with a list of foods I felt Liam would enjoy (apple, sweet potato, carrot & butternut squash) and got to work. Thankfully, Liam loved my test batch! He loved it so much that he didn’t want to eat anything else – which meant I had to get to work!

This time around I upped my game so to speak, I kept all of the first batch ingredients, but I added banana, pumpkin and peaches.

It took FOREVER to peel everything! (**Note to self: Do NOT buy small apples next time, bigger is better! And easier to peel and slice) Once I got everything peeled, and slice or chopped, I put each fruit or veggie into a pan, covered with water and boiled until tender.

Once the fruit or veggie was tender I drained the cooking water, then pureed in my blender. (You can save the water on most, not carrots, to thin if needed, but I have not needed to thin yet.) Below is a picture of my squash, carrots and sweet potatoes.

After you have pureed all your choices, you can either freeze each ingredient individually, or you can mix 2 or more together then freeze. I mixed, because we do not have any allergies in our family and I am just a throw caution to the wind type person! (Truthfully he had already eaten many of the pouches from Plum organics and they were mixed, and had no reaction so I figured I was in the clear.)

The next step is to freeze. Ice cube trays work wonderfully! Each cube is about a tablespoon portion. Liam is 6 1/2 months and he is eating about 2 ice cubes per meal. If you are making several different types of food make sure to label your trays so you know which is which. Cover each tray with plastic wrap and freeze.

 Once the food is frozen, I take it out of the trays and store in bags I label. During this session I made 5 different types of food for Liam:

Pumpkin and Banana – no boiling needed, just add fresh bananas and organic pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling) and blend.

Banana and Peaches

Apple, Carrot and Squash – Liam’s favorite

Apples and Sweet Potato

Apples, Sweet Potato and Squash

Not sure how long this batch will last – but I will keep track and let you know. I really enjoyed making this for Liam and he sure does enjoy eating it!






Another year….


I have a 9 year old:

And a 7 year old:

How did this happen? It seems like just yesterday we were  bringing them home from the hospital.

Now we are on a new part of the parenting journey, teaching them how to: make better decisions, be responsible, listen for the still small voice in their heart, pick up their dirty clothes, be nice to each other, the list goes on and on.   But that is a post for another time.

In the mean time, enjoy some of the pictures from this year’s birthday blast! We had a joint party at a roller skating rink, and I think everyone had a great time. So thankful that God has blessed us with another year with these two!

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I took the kids to the library yesterday. We all three had requested books and they were ready for pick up. We were all excited!  Once we got to the library, I noticed a big bus parked in the back of the parking lot.  It has a Scholastic Reading logo on it, so I thought we might check it out.  But, the kids were far too excited to have books on hold, so we of course had to go inside first.

They ran to the hold area and found their books, then they each checked out their books – all by themselves! I love that the San Antonio library has a self check out and my kids love it too. They get a kick out of passing their selected books over the scan pad and printing their receipt, makes them feel so grown up!

On the way out, we stopped in the Scholastic Reading bus. At first my kids were not too excited, most of the activities were preschool aged. But on the way out, they got excited. The lady was giving them a book. Aiden asked when he had to return it, when she answered it was his to keep, his face lit up! All 3 of my kids came home with a book of their own.

We were all so excited! My kids love to read and getting a free book was a great surprise for us! Below is a picture of each kiddo with their book. (And yes, I took the picture before bed tonight, don’t judge!)

I’ve never had one of these before

No, not a baby. That sweet boy is my third. Look closer at the pictures… A thumb sucker! I have never had a thumb sucker before!  My first baby pulled on his ears like crazy, so much so I took him to the doctor several times thinking he had an ear infection. Finally I wised up, listened to my mommy instinct and realized he simply pulled on his ears when he was tired. And now, almost 9 years later that same sweet boy has never had an ear infection, must of been the breast milk, but I digress…. My middle child did not have a quirk per se, she simply wanted to sleep in her own bed. From day one. For 5+ hours at a glorious time!

So, now that Liam has discovered his thumb, his new comfort has become our entertainment. (Wow! I need to get out more!) It is the cutest thing, to watch him figure out how to get his thumb into his mouth. It takes him a bit, but eventually we hear the loud SLURP, SLURP of accomplishment. I took this picture the other day, because as you can tell, he has not quite figured out where to place the rest of his fingers.

Along with his new habit, I now have a list of new “fears”:

  1. Will he suck his thumb until high school?
  2. Will the thumb sucking cause his teeth protrude?
  3. Is he hungry again???? Or just wanting that comfort???
  4. How does one exactly take away the thumb? (Ha!)

Oh well, I am sure those fears will be replaced by others soon. That is the way mommyhood goes. Until then I will keep watching him  work to get his thumb in his mouth and celebrate his accomplishment once he does, knowing this stage goes by so fast.

You are not the boss of me!

I recently took my 2 month old to the doctor for a check up. When the subject of vaccinations came up, I simply said we are not getting any at this time. I saw the confusion in the medical assistant’s eyes, but she covered it nicely and simply said she would let the Nurse Practitioner (NP)  know.  As I waited for her to come in, I wondered what type of approach the NP would take. 

Once the formalities were over, she cut to the chase. “Dr. M requires her patients to have their vaccines. Have you spoken with her about this?” 

WHAT??? I could feel my blood starting to simmer, and I counted to 10 before I spoke. “No,  I have not spoken with her, but this the decision my husband and I have made for our baby. We are delaying all vaccines until we are comfortable.” 

The NP then tried to convince me about the benefits, and how they would work with me, even if I want to do one at a time. I thanked her for the information and smiled.  

However, the entire time I was getting more and more frustrated. The longer she talked, the more I wanted to scream at her – “You are not the boss of me!”  (But, I of course didn’t – my older 2 were in the room! Ha!) I understand that medical professionals have a job to do, and I appreciate their knowledge. However, when it comes to the ultimate decision on what will and will not go into my children’s bodies, I am the ultimate decision maker (along with Abel). Many times I feel that medical professionals try to bully patients into their way of thinking. Especially on the topic of vaccines. But I am not going to be bullied into a different way of thinking to make them happy!

I bit my tongue to keep from defending my choice. Why? Because I should not have to defend my choice ! I am not making this decision lightly, I am researching, reading and praying about this. I am not saying no to vaccinations solely on the premise that I am scared of Autism. I am saying no because I simply want to make the Best. Decision. Possible. End of story! 

As I left the doctor that morning, I felt a slight victory. I did not cave in when I felt the NP disapprove  of my choice, I did not get emotional and cry ( a big plus considering all the post pregnancy hormones that are still taking over my body!) and I said what I felt needed to be said; no more, no less. Because in the end, these are my blessings to take care of, protect and nurture. And I will do my best to make God directed decisions at every chance I can. Because my kids are worth it.