Sometimes in the frantic pace of my days, I lose sight of all I have been given. Does that ever happen to you? Losing sight isn’t the best term, maybe losing focus is better. Because as a homeschooling mom, I hardly EVER lose sight of my kids; even when I try to go to the bathroom alone.. but that is a subject for another blog…

Losing focus… especially of my many blessings.. I have been given so much, 3 healthy children, (another coming in Sept!) the privilege of staying at home with said children, a loving husband, great friends, a house with plenty of room, fabulous parents and siblings (both mine and in-laws),  the list goes on and on…

And yet…. If I am not careful, I can find myself focusing on what I feel is lacking… and I am embarrassed to say, my list can get VERY long, VERY quick! So recently I have been asking God to set me straight, help me to maintain my focus on the things He wants me to focus on. And let me tell you, God if faithful! Sometimes even more faithful than I would like, thank you very much! I mean come on – can’t a girl have a quick pity party about her lack of shoes or inability to cook pork chops? (Ask me later, I can NOT cook a pork chop to save my life…)

God quickly helps me refocus.. On what truly matters, not the trivial things I want to get upset about. He gently reminds of all I have to be thankful for. That He is calling me to lead a promise filled life in HIM, one that I don’t have to measure up to any certain standards or expectations, or search for a purpose. One where I can bask in His glory and His perfection and even when I mess up, know that God will use that to bring me back to him.

So on the days when I feel out of focus, whether it is my parenting, teaching or cooking skills that I don’t feel are up to par or just that I am not “cool” or “important” enough, I allow Him to refocus me. And everything becomes much clearer!


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