I took the kids to the library yesterday. We all three had requested books and they were ready for pick up. We were all excited!  Once we got to the library, I noticed a big bus parked in the back of the parking lot.  It has a Scholastic Reading logo on it, so I thought we might check it out.  But, the kids were far too excited to have books on hold, so we of course had to go inside first.

They ran to the hold area and found their books, then they each checked out their books – all by themselves! I love that the San Antonio library has a self check out and my kids love it too. They get a kick out of passing their selected books over the scan pad and printing their receipt, makes them feel so grown up!

On the way out, we stopped in the Scholastic Reading bus. At first my kids were not too excited, most of the activities were preschool aged. But on the way out, they got excited. The lady was giving them a book. Aiden asked when he had to return it, when she answered it was his to keep, his face lit up! All 3 of my kids came home with a book of their own.

We were all so excited! My kids love to read and getting a free book was a great surprise for us! Below is a picture of each kiddo with their book. (And yes, I took the picture before bed tonight, don’t judge!)


3 thoughts on “Bookworms

  1. that is so awesome! Emalynn shares the same enthusiasm for reading and for books! at her school, she gets to go to the bookfair during school and pick out her books she likes…then the parents get to go up on a designated night…it NEVER fails…she always has a big list of all types of books she wants to get…I am constantly having to clean out her bookshelves so we can make room for more books! it’s such a great feeling watching them grow up all the while loving to read, huh? :))

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