Back on the wagon

I have been thinking a lot about the lack of routine we have in our household at this time. And when I say lack of, what I really mean is there is NO routine, none. at. all.  I know how we got here: bed rest for momma + holidays + new baby + moving = no set schedule.

However, I do not like to function that way. It is very hard on me to not have a set schedule in place, so that I know what needs to be accomplished. Especially where school is concerned. I worry that my kids will get behind and never catch up, they will be “those” homeschooled kids, the ones who you wonder what exactly their parents taught them?? I, of course, want others to interact with my children and think “what amazing, smart, well-mannered, respectful children!”

Of course,  I know that I am not going to leave my children to flounder  in their education and that as I work with them the well-mannered,  respectful, smart, etc. characteristics I desire will start to bloom in each of them in different ways. Which is why having a routine is so important to me. It was a HUGE pull towards the workbox system. I knew that the ability to schedule out the day using the workboxes would help my children to work independently, at their own pace, while giving me a smidge of alone time! (That last part is a bonus – but one I crave none the less.)

I have enjoyed seeing the delight and pride my children take in finishing their work and moving their workbox tags to the completed station. I know that my children love to learn and I want to do everything I can to keep that bucket full! I just need some help getting back on the wagon, so to speak!

So, for all you homeschooling, workboxing, unschooling, charlotte mason, and every style in between mommas: Got any advice for how I can get back on schedule with a new baby in the house? (One that is still on most nights waking up twice; even though I thought I had that problem solved,  and of course he requires a lot of attention. What are some ways you worked around the new addition to your family?


3 thoughts on “Back on the wagon

  1. I don’t even have a new baby and I am constantly trying to adjust and start and change my schedule– or lack of one!

    I think schedule is good and NEEDED, I find that it is a fine line of giving us enough flexibility in our day and week and giving us enough stability too! Hard!

    I wondered if you were still doing workboxes! It has helped me to schedule 6 weeks at a time, I used to schedule longer and got behind and it would frustrate me! But with only 6 weeks it is long enough to complete a course of study for the most part– but yet not TOO long to get that far behind!

    We are also doing sabbath– well trying anyway– 6 weeks on and one week off. I try to use the one week off to get stuff read for the next 6 weeks. I started it mid year so some of my dates were messed up but I hope to get in a good rythem over the next fews months.

    SOOO glad you are blogging again.. I miss you my friend!

    • Carrie,

      I feel the same way, there is a fine line between flexibility and structure, and I almost always err on the side of flexibility! I am working on that.

      I didn’t know you were doing workboxes! I sure do enjoy mine – I love that I am able to plan and I think I am going to try the 6 weeks at a time route. I had the whole first semester of this past year planned, which turned out to be a good thing, but I do not have that much extra time anymore. I might just steal all your ideas and incorporate the sabbath too!

      Love and miss you!!!

  2. Congrats on the baby, and hope you get some rest. I’ve been contemplating a year-round schedule with a week off after every grading period (probably nine weeks, since we’ll start using Tapestry of Grace in another year). I figure I can have everything planned for 6-9 weeks during my one week off and free up some time in between.
    We have loved workboxes! You can take a peak inside at this link:
    By the way, I like the background for your blog. =) It’s what I chose for mine too!

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