I’ve never had one of these before

No, not a baby. That sweet boy is my third. Look closer at the pictures… A thumb sucker! I have never had a thumb sucker before!  My first baby pulled on his ears like crazy, so much so I took him to the doctor several times thinking he had an ear infection. Finally I wised up, listened to my mommy instinct and realized he simply pulled on his ears when he was tired. And now, almost 9 years later that same sweet boy has never had an ear infection, must of been the breast milk, but I digress…. My middle child did not have a quirk per se, she simply wanted to sleep in her own bed. From day one. For 5+ hours at a glorious time!

So, now that Liam has discovered his thumb, his new comfort has become our entertainment. (Wow! I need to get out more!) It is the cutest thing, to watch him figure out how to get his thumb into his mouth. It takes him a bit, but eventually we hear the loud SLURP, SLURP of accomplishment. I took this picture the other day, because as you can tell, he has not quite figured out where to place the rest of his fingers.

Along with his new habit, I now have a list of new “fears”:

  1. Will he suck his thumb until high school?
  2. Will the thumb sucking cause his teeth protrude?
  3. Is he hungry again???? Or just wanting that comfort???
  4. How does one exactly take away the thumb? (Ha!)

Oh well, I am sure those fears will be replaced by others soon. That is the way mommyhood goes. Until then I will keep watching him  work to get his thumb in his mouth and celebrate his accomplishment once he does, knowing this stage goes by so fast.


7 thoughts on “I’ve never had one of these before

  1. Sorry I had no thumb suckers! Emily would pull up the tiniest corner of a blanket and suck on that… I swear she could always find the corner— it was weird!

    • That is weird! But it reminds me of when Olivia got a little older, she had a blanket my mother in law made her, and she would rub the ribbon on it until she fell asleep.

  2. Hi Breann! I just found your blog through workboxes and love it! Your baby is so precious! My third was / is also a thumb-sucker and I still think it’s cute.

    • Hi Nicole!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! Wonder if all or a lot of 3rd babies are thumb suckers? 😉

  3. Too sweet! I would just let him “enjoy” his thumb at this moment – cause as you said, it’s just another stage of babyhood! I know those fears set in…but it could be just a stage and you could be worried for no reason??

    • Samina,

      I am not too worried about the thumb sucking, more surprised than anything;-)
      Guess I will just wait it out and see!

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